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Phoenix Relaxation brothel is one of Oakleigh Melbourne’s premier brothel and adult services establishments. Whether you are on vacation or seeking relaxation and pleasure, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Our brothel staff is rigorously selected and trained, ensuring that you receive the best possible brothel service in Oakleigh. Whether you require a warm and caring companion or a wild adventure, we can cater to your desires.

Our premises are clean, safe, and private, and are equipped with high-quality brothel facilities to ensure your experience is both pleasurable and relaxing in Oakleigh. We also offer a variety of services, including adult toys and massages, to cater to different client needs in Oakleigh brothel.

At Phoenix Relaxation brothel (Oakleigh), we respect the privacy and needs of each client. We are committed to providing the best possible brothel service and experience to every client, ensuring their satisfaction. We not only provide high-quality services but also friendly services, to ensure that every client feels welcome and comfortable.

If you are seeking a pleasurable and relaxing experience, come to Phoenix Relaxation brothel in Oakleigh Melbourne, and let us provide you with the best possible brothel service.

More than a decade of history in being a licensed legal brothel, Phoenix Relaxation continues to offer unforgettable adult service in Melbourne. Next to Huntingdale Station, Oakleigh and Clayton Campus of the University of Monash, Phoenix is one of the best Asian brothel in Melbourne.

Phoenix underwent a major renovation and management change in 2015, while introducing oriental hotties from China, South Korea and Japan. Their soft and gentle have made Phoenix the ideal spot for men, a place where all the hardship in the day are let go.

Our girls’ schedule changes every day, click here or contact us to enquire.

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The rebirth of Phoenix

Revamped interior and management bring you a whole new brothel experience. Clean and comfortable environment, sexy yet sweet girls, all waiting you at Phoenix.

Enjoy the best Asian adult service in Melbourne at Phoenix.


Frequently asked questions


Is Phoenix legal?


Phoenix Relaxation is registered under the Sex Work Act 1994 of Victoria with full abidance to the laws and regulation in the Act.


What is the registration number of Phoenix?


Phoenix Relaxation is registered as SWA9494BE to provide legal and licensed adult service in Victoria, Australia.


Can you provide photos of the girls?


For the privacy of our girls, Phoenix sadly cannot provide photos of our girls by any means.

And we kindly ask our customers not to capture or record our girls as well.

Together we build a better sex work environment in Victoria.


How to pay for service?


Phoenix offers both cash and electronic payment options.


What girls are at Phoenix?


As one of the leading Asian Brothels in Melbourne, Phoenix Relaxation has a wide range of Asian girls every day.

Our girls are from China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, you name it. All very lovely and sexy.


Why the price in Phoenix are so affordable?


Phoenix keeps the price of our room as minimal as possible for affordable adult service. But we also maintain what our girls can receive from their respectable work to ensure their living is not at risk.


Can I contact Phoenix directly?


You can always contact Phoenix at our trading hours.You can call us on 03 9543 5901 or send us an email at [email protected]

You can also contact us on Line with our QR codes on Homepage.

Phoenix also have social media profiles. Visit us on

Facebook: @PhoenixRelaxationNo.10/

Instagram: @phoenix10relaxation