Choosing the next Asian Brothel in Melbourne

Adult entertainment is not lacking in Melbourne with a flamboyant scene of strip clubs, plus legal and licensed brothels. More uniquely, brothels in Melbourne are not restricted in a certain area like the red-light district in Amsterdam. Instead, these adult entertainment clubs are scattered across the metropolitan area of Melbourne.
With the differences of preferences and cater for a wide cultural demographic, the adult entertainment scene, particularly for brothels, are in fierce competition as everyone is looking for a point of differentiation.

Asian Brothels in Melbourne

And Asian brothels in Melbourne is one of the key categories in the field. With one of the earliest Chinatowns in the world, Melbourne has owned a major Asian population as compared to other cities in Australia (except Sydney, obviously).
Because of such, some brothels target such demographic with girls come from areas of Asia including, but not limited to, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Malaysia. The girls from different countries also brought their respective cultures to Melbourne for an authentic Asia adult entertainment experience.
Phoenix Relaxation, as one of the leading Asian brothels in Melbourne, brings the mentioned experience to Melbournians in a comfy and relaxing environment. For the privacy of our customers, discreet parking and billing is available. On-site ATMs also supports cash transactions as well.
We are also proud to offer special rate every Tuesday as an appreciation to our customers. For 30 mins and 20 mins full services, it is only $100 and $80 respectively.
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